The SLC Undergraduate Writing Contest is a way of celebrating excellence in undergraduate academic writing. Cash prizes will be awarded to first, second, and third place winners and all winners and honourable mentions will have their papers published in the SLC Writing Contest journal. More information about the contest can be found here.

The SLC-UWC Journal was established as a way to compile and share the winners and honourable mentions from the SLC Writing Contest, year-after-year. Making the winning papers accessible in this format serves two significant purposes: 1. it ensures that these papers are read and celebrated, and 2. it provides a database of model papers for undergraduate students who are looking to improve their writing and strive for excellence.

The format of the academic journal is relevant, too, because it allows the writing contest to replicate, to a certain extent, the experience of submitting a paper for peer review in an academic journal.

Thank you for accessing this journal and helping us to celebrate the excellent academic writing done by undergraduate students at Simon Fraser University.