All contest entries must be submitted using the template provided

The template asks you to write a three line "abstract" to provide details about the assignment for which the paper was originally written. Please include this abstract both within the uploaded file and on the metadata page. 


The Submission Process 

Step 1: Select the appropriate Section - either 2020-Lower Division Category (15-59 credits completed) or 2020-Upper Division Category (60+ credits completed, including Honours). Please do not select "Articles." 

Step 2: Check that you have met the Submission Requirements (checkboxes must be filled in to continue). 

Step 3: Select Submit as "Author." 

Step 4: For "Article Component" select "Article Text." Upload your submission file in the template provided. 

Step 5: Add additional files, including your unofficial transcript and original assignment guidelines (if available). 

Step 6: Enter metadata: 

Title: This should be the title of your paper (you can ignore the Prefix and Subtitle fields) 

Abstract: This should be the same abstract from the submission template. 

Step 7: Review and complete your submission 



All submissions must be accompanied by: 

1. The paper, using the template provided. 

2. Your most recent unofficial academic transcript - can be downloaded from the Student Information System

** Your transcript is used solely to verify your number of credits completed and will not be shared with the contest judges. ** 

3. If available, please also upload a copy of the original assignment guidelines for the paper. 



Before submitting, please make sure that your entry meets the contest requirements
  • You have completed 15-59 credits for the Lower Division Category or 60+ credits for the Upper Division Category (including Honours students). Please add up your credit units before submitting, up to and including the summer 2020 term. Note: You must be working on your first undergraduate degree and transfer credits are included in your total number of credits completed.
  • Your paper is between 1,250 and 2,500 words (not including references). Please do a word-count before submitting. 
  • Your paper has been put into the template and provides all the information requested. 
Ineligible or incomplete entries will not be considered in the contest. 

When you are ready to submit, you can do so here.

If you have questions about your submission, please direct them to