The results of the 2019 SLC Writing contest are in! 

Everyone involved with the contest was impressed with the incredibly high quality of all of the submissions we received. It was a challenge to arrive at our decision, but we have done so and are extremely pleased to be able to announce our contest winners. 

Before that, though, we want to take a moment to congratulate everyone who submitted this year. It is a courageous thing to submit your writing to a contest, and we are honoured to have been able to read all of these well-written undergraduate essays from across SFU.

Without further delay, here are the winners of the 2019 SLC Undergraduate Writing Contest: 


Lower Division Category

1st place: Austyn Johnson, Medicinal, Cultural, and Spiritual Relationships between British Columbia First Nations and Oplopanax horridus, (originally written for Robert Bandringa’s First Nations Studies 332 course, Ethnobotany of British Columbia First Nations)

2nd place: Ethan Gibson,“How Art Thou a King?”: Machiavelli and the Failure of Shakespeare’s Richard II, (originally written for Dr. Torsten Kehler’s English 311 course, Shakespeare and the Politics of Dissembling)

3rd place: Puck Overhaart, Members’ Privilege: The Influence of EU Membership and Accession on LGBT+ Rights Protection in Croatia and Serbia, (originally written for Dr. Clare McGovern’s Political Science 330 course Protecting Human Rights: Courts, Constitutions and Legislatures)

Honourable Mentions

Abigail Herd, British Columbia’s Top Export - An Analysis of the Metallurgical Coal Commodity Chain, (originally written for Dr. Rosemary Claire-Collard's Geography 221 course, Economic Worlds)

Carina McDonald, The Notwithstanding Clause: An Impediment to the Practice of Judicial Review, (originally written for Dr. Clare McGovern’s Political Science 151 course, Justice and Law)

Kendra Wong, Legal Punishment: Citizens, the State, and the Expression of Blame, (originally written for Dr. Bruno Guindon's Philosophy 326 course, Topics in Law and Philosophy)


Upper Division Category

 1st place: Angela Starnaman, How Food Shaming Meat Eaters Hinders Rather than Helps the Fight Against Climate Change, (originally written for Dr. Michael Schmitt’s Psychology 461/960 course, Critical Social Psychology of Climate Change)

2nd place: Hannah Stanley, Stereotypes and Silence: Coerced Indigenous Sterilization and the Canadian Media, (originally written for Dr. Sophie McCall’s English 359 course, Studies in the Literature of British Columbia)

3rd place: Jennifer Krentz, Separation and Stigma: The Negative Impacts of Parental Incarceration on their Children, (originallywritten for Dr. Danielle Murdoch’s Criminology 343 course, Correctional Practice)

Honourable Mentions

Sophia Angelica Dobischok, Can't Be Tamed: How the Induction Informs Katherine's Character in The Taming of the Shrew, (originally written for Dr. Ronda Arab’s English 203 course, Early Modern Literature)

Cassandra Mah, Cost-Utility Analysis in Health Care: All models are wrong, but this one is useful, (originally written for Dr. Stuart Peacock’s Health Science 473 course, Valuing Health and Health Outcomes)

Stefanie Matos, Public-School Assessment Could Assist Children’s Language Development, (originally written for Dr. V. Gordon Rose’s Psychology 300W course, Critical Analysis of Issues in Psychology)


Full papers will soon be available on the SLC Writing Contest Open Journal

Congrats to all the winners and a huge thank you to all our contest judges: 

Lower Division Judges: 

Dr. Carole Gerson - Department of English

Joan Sharp - Department of Biological Sciences  

Dr. Amanda Goldrick-Jones - Student Learning Commons

Upper Division Judges: 

Dr. Craig Orr -School of Environmental Sciences

Richard Yates, L.L.B. - Beedie School of Business

Dr. Clare McGovern - Department of Political Sciences


Happy continued writing to all!