Lower Division: 

1st place - Tempering Temperament: A Critical Evaluation of INSIGHTS into Children’s Temperaments by Melissa Thoen

2nd place - Clearing the Way for Constructive Storytelling by Chelsea Davis

3rd place - The Effects of Binaural Beats on Working Memory by Kebira Khattak

Honourable Mentions

De-stigmatizing Relationship Statuses: The Benefits of Being Raised by a Village by Carissa Gauthier

Canada’s Prime Minister Wields Excessive Power by Jasmeen K Gill

The Incorporation of English Noun Loanwords into Japanese Syntax by Tabatha Mason

Gamers as a Commodity: Mining Players for Profit by Alexa Reardon

Upper Division: 

1st place - Jellies and Fish: A Bad Sting for Fisheries by Jonson Lee 

2nd place - The Quest for Liquid Gold: Why Canada Should Provide Remuneration for Plasma Donations by Christina Manning

 3rd place - Housing alternatives under a commodified system by Yutaka Yen

Honourable Mentions

The Gendered Digital Assistant: An Evaluation of Their Use in Domestic Spaces by Breyden Chong

National Canadian Pharmacare: Pros, Cons, and Challenges by Daria Elrick

Using Autoethnography to Examine Settler-Colonial Farming Practices Within the Okanagan Valley by Ashley Lee

The Influence of Puberty on Depression Symptoms and Altered Cortisol Secretion in Adulthood: A Literature Review by Seana Semchishen