First Year Category  

First Prize: “A Call for Affordable Housing, Social Services, and Destigmatization to Relieve Vancouver’s Homelessness Crisis” by Regene Mae Eliseeff 

Second Prize: “Protecting Sacred Indigenous Burial Sites in Canada” by Taryn Clark  

Honourable Mention:  

“Panhandling or Policy: Are anti-panhandling laws effective or a pseudo-solution?” by Venus Nakahara 


Middle Years Category  

First Prize: “Beliefs and Their Limitations in Titus Andronicus and Hamlet” by Nava Karimi 

Second Prize: “Decriminalization, Safe Supply, and Legalization: How to Reduce Drug Overdoses through Policy” by Andreas Gunster  

Honourable Mentions:

“The Role and Influence of Food on Migratory Patterns and Othering  Behaviours” by Sara Wong 

“Addressing Health Concerns of Indigenous Land Defenders at Fairy Creek” by Chelsea Davis 


Fourth Year+ Category  

First Prize: “Divine Femininity or Femme Fatale: Exploring the Roles of Women in The Odyssey” by Pei Xuan Chia 

Second Prize: “Physicality and Emotional Impacts of Sex Work in Hustling Verse: An Anthology of Sex Workers’ Poetry” by Hannah Kazemi

Honourable Mentions: 

“Objections to the Anti-Complicity Principle” by Esther Lu

“Inequity, structural violence, and the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure" by Aishah Rose Harden 


Plurilingual Prize Category  

First Prize: “Western Redcedar Bark Harvesting: Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Wisdom and People-Plant Relationships” by Brennan Strandberg-Salmon  

Second Prize: ““A ‘Fuck You’ to the French:” Autochthony in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” by Siddhartha Minhas  

Honourable Mentions:  

“Manifesting Politeness in Children Cross-Culturally" by Rebekah Wong  

“Differing Viewpoints: Cultural Perspectives on Canis lupus” by Audrey Heath 


Congrats to all of the winners and honourable mentions and thanks to everyone who submitted a paper!