Thank you to all the students who submitted your brilliant work to the writing contest this year. 

Announcing the prize winners and hourable mentions in each category: 

First Year Category

First Prize:

Author: Carmen Campbell


Paper Title: Civic Engagement: Perspectives on Active Citizen Participation in Political Life 


Second Prize:

Author: Jaclyn Chan


Paper Title: Media Analysis of “Nosedive” (Black Mirror): A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective


Honourable Mentions:

Author: Alayna Hillier


Paper Title: Wedded Cages and Better Places: An Analysis of Central Metaphors Within Poems by Sylvia Plath & William Blake


Author: Javier Burgos


Paper Title: On Social Host Liability


Author: Rigyaju Tripathi


Paper Title: The Rise of Wooden Skyscrapers


Middle Years Category 

First Prize:

Author: Olivia Yung


Paper Title: Like, Whatever: The Syntactic Evolution of a Morpheme


Second Prize:

Nava Karimi


Paper Title: Karma Police, Arrest This Artist!  – On Cancel Culture and “Deplatforming”


Honourable Mentions:

Author: Christine Borillo


Paper Title: It’s Giving Syntactic Shift: Examining the Syntactic Pattern of It’s Giving “X” 


Author: Sophia Herd


Paper Title: To what extent did Indigenous peoples manage clam gardens along the intertidal zone on the coast of British Columbia? 


Author: Balqees Jama


Paper Title: Black Media Literacy and the Pedagogy of Healing


Fourth Year+ Category 

First Prize:

Author: Gabrielle Wong


Paper Title: Placemaking or placekeeping? The dual role of the arts in the gentrification of Manhattan’s Chinatown


Second Prize:

Author: Isaac Schoeber


Paper Title: Marian Miracles at Constantinople and Lepanto, 1422 and 1571


Honourable Mention:

Author: Nazafarin Esfandiari


Paper Title: Evaluating the Need for a National Pharmacare Program in Canada: Opportunities and Challenges


Plurilingual Prize 

First Prize:

Author: Nat Begg


Paper Title: Han Father, Minzu Children: Gender and Family in China’s Ethnic Governance 


Second Prize:

Audrey Heath


Paper Title: Fireweed as a Gitxsan Clan!?



Congrats to all winners and honourable mentions and thanks again to everyone who made the contest a success again in 2023.