Review Process

Stages of Review

Submissions to AntiChamber will go through three stages of review process adhering to a double-blind policy.

Stage 1 (within 2 weeks): Editor(s) will assess submissions to judge whether they adhere to the basic criteria as listed in the Preparation Checklist and Author Guidelines as well as if the content of submissions connect appropriately to the scope and aims of the journal. Those that are concluded to have not met the basic submission criteria and do not appropriately connect to the journal’s aim are rejected by the end of this stage. 

Stage 2 (within 1 month): Accepted submissions are then subjected to a double-blind review (both authors and reviewers retain their anonymity) for critical evaluations and provide feedback for further revisions and reflections. The second stage ends in three possible outcomes: 1) full acceptance, 2) accepted with revision, and 3) declined.

Stage 3 (within 2 months): Submissions are returned with requests and comments for revisions so that authors work with an editor to ensure revisionary requests are met for publication.