What Do We Publish?


AntiChamber welcomes and strongly encourages students (undergraduate & graduate) and working professionals to showcase and contribute their perspectives. 



AntiChamber strives to uphold an interdisciplinary and accessible spirit of written and expressive works. Therefore, we intend our platform to remain largely meaningfully relevant within the broader cultural, professional, and academic environments. This means that submitted works should be mindful of the levels of expertise and familiarity with technical language/concepts of a lay/non-expert audience. Technical ideas and languages can be involved to the degree that sufficient and appropriate elaboration is provided for the sake of accessible understanding for lay readers and/or for scholars/students who are not familiar with such technical scopes. We recommend including a brief introduction of your particular discourses and ensuring that your work clearly articulates its point of greater relevance.


Issue Format

The journal will publish through issues – with a call for submissions and set deadlines. All works will be made available online only. Each issue will have three sections:

Original articles

Original articles are written to address a dominant discourse/paradigm with which the author would introduce and directly problematize, challenge, and/or creatively depart. The word limit/range for such submissions is 1,500-3,500. 

Response articles

Response articles are written to address published works in previous issues through perspectives of disagreements and/or extrapolating agreements. The word limit/range for such submissions is 500-1,500.

Creative works

Creative works are submissions that extend beyond the methodological scopes of traditional academic forms of written arguments and/or empirical research. Such works can constitute alternative forms and mediums of expression such as visual, poetic, narrative-based directions and so forth. Qualifications for submission to this section can be negotiable with the editorial board - to the degree that the journal is unfamiliar with intended forms and mediums. 



Committed to academic and professional interdisciplinarity as a platform, AntiChamber encourages submissions from a wide array of backgrounds and expertise.

Currently, we welcome conceptual/review/narrative based works from (but not limited to):

Humanities (literature, philosophy, history, philosophy of education, etc.)

Social Sciences  (psychology, sociology, political science, education, geography, anthropology, etc.)

Professional Practice/Fields (healthcare, social work, mental health, teaching, organizational leadership, etc.)