Vol. 1 No. 3 (2019): JICW Special Issue: 2018 CASIS Extremism Conference Proceedings
JICW Special Issue: 2018 CASIS Extremism Conference Proceedings

The Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare’s Volume 1, Issue 3, Special Issue, contains the purpose of publishing briefings and papers generated from the information presented during CASIS Vancouver’s first annual Conference, held this past November. The conference sought to place primacy on interrogating the nexus of contemporary conflict, as well as addressing how defence and intelligence can lend significance to the radical changes occurring in warfare and conflict. In response, the rationale behind this special issue of the JICW is the evolving nature of conflict and warfare. In the 21st century, warfare and conflict have increasingly moved away from traditional battlefields into information and cyberspaces. Increasing tensions which are caused by the changing nature of contemporary conflicts, may arguably, provoke a spillover into the traditional kinetic responses. Therefore, how and why warfare is waged in the 21st century must be more carefully examined, and proves the objective this issue seeks to explore.


JICW Editor-in-Chief
Candyce Kelshall


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