2017 Issue IV Team

Managing Editors

Sylvie Couture-Nowak
Jason Chung
Scott Greenwood
Rajan Hayre


Section Editors

Florencia Cristoffanini - social
Lindsay Kirk - developmental
Brittany Lasanen - clinical, social
Tom Maloney - law and forensic, clinical
Lauren McRae - clinical
Amanda Pedersen - HQT
Lindsay Samson - law and forensic, clinical
Daniel Tay - CNS
Kristin Thompson - CNS
Lee Vargen - law and forensic


Graduate Review Board

Adam Blanchard - law and forensic
Adam Burnett - CNS
Mandeep Gurm - developmental
Victoria Kettner - developmental
Bertrand Sager - CNS
Camille Weinsheimer - law and forensic
Dylan Wiwad - social