Editorial Team


Journal Managers

Katia Hammond

Landyn Imagawa

Section Editors

Nick Bell

Claire Rowlands


Prama Rahman

Layout Editor

Beatriz Fernandes

Associate Editors

Fergus Linley-Mota

Miranda Collett

Rana Gencay

Usama Toor

Alex Senchyna

Jade Cameron

Carmel Dowling

Melvin Sedeora

Beatriz Fernandes

Faculty Support

Brenda Lyshaug 

Tamir Moustafa 

Juan Pablo Alperin 

OJS Librarians

Kevin Stranack

Kate Shuttleworth

For information on how to join our team, click here. If you have any specific questions, contact the Journal Managers directly at katia_hammond@sfu.ca or landyn_imagawa@sfu.ca.