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Confluence begins to recruit for its editorial team around January each year. Working with an academic journal gives you great experience for your CV and can help develop important skills such as teamwork, analytical and writing skills, critical thinking, design, and even leadership skills. It can also give you the exciting opportunity to meet and work with other passionate students in the International Studies Department at SFU! 

Every year, we look to fill the following positions:

Section Editors (2) 

  • Work closely with the Journal Manager and Editor-in-Chief
  • Oversee and manage assigned submissions through the peer-review process
  • Supervise and support the work of the Associate Editors
  • Enforce and adhere to deadlines set by the Editor-in-Chief 
  • Attend regular meetings to provide updates for Journal Manager and Editor-in-Chief on the peer-review process 
  • Requirements: time management, organizational and leadership skills, good written and analytical skills, willing to undergo training in Open Journal Systems software 
  • Length of term: Approx. 2 months 

Associate Editors (5-7) 

  • Report to the Section Editors 
  • Will be given a minimum of 2 peer-review assignments per term, based on area of interest or expertise, for the purpose of providing the author with constructive feedback and ensuring the quality of the journal is maintained
  • Must adhere to the deadline given by the Section Editor for the review to be taken into consideration 
  • All Associate Editors must provide a minimum of 2 peer reviews per term in order to be credited in the yearly publication of Confluence and on the official website
  • Requirements: good written communication and analytical skills, attention to detail, knowledge in subjects pertaining to International Affairs, proficiency in the English language, ability to meet deadlines, willing to undergo training in Open Journal Systems Software
  • Length of term: Approx. 2 months

Copyeditor (1) 

  • Reports to the Editor-in-Chief 
  • Responsible for editing all submissions for grammar and clarity, checking all references and citations, and editing styling to adhere to Chicago Style: 17th Edition  
  • Prepares all submissions for layout editing 
  • Requirements: proficiency in the English language, knowledge of proper citation and bibliographic styles, attention to detail, can stick to deadlines, able to attend a meeting with Editor-in-Chief and Journal Manager at the beginning of the copyediting process, willing to undergo training in Open Journal Systems Software
  • Length of Term: Approx. 1 month

Layout Editor (1)

  • Reports to the Editor-in-Chief 
  • Converts all copyedited manuscripts into PDFs 
  • Designs the final template for the journal, including graphic aspects for each individual manuscript, the title page, the Table of Contents, the Letter from the Editors and the Editorial Team page 
  • Edits all photo submissions 
  • Requirements: experience in graphic design, strong knowledge in Photoshop and/or Adobe Creative Suite, ability to stick to deadlines, able to attend several meetings with Editor-in-Chief and Journal Manager, willing to undergo training in Open Journal Systems Software
  • Length of term: Approx. 2 months

If you're interested in applying, applications for Associate Editors and Sections Editors are now OPEN, from January 29 to February 11th. Just fill out the quick survey here:

If you'd like to apply for the role of Copy Editor or Layout Editor, applications will be opening at a later date. 

Any other questions? Feel free to email us at