As we are in the process of relaunching the Confluence Journal, we are looking for students who are interested in joining the team! This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in editing, publishing, and teamwork.

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

Student Editors

  • Student Editors will play an important role in ensuring the quality of the journal is maintained
  • They will work closely with the student writers, Confluence journal managers, and professors to ensure all published work is immaculate and ready to be published 
  • Looking for 5 - 7 student editors
  • Editors must be able to attend one meeting in May (date TBA), in which they will be briefed on the journal publishing process and learn their role. This will also be an opportunity to meet their fellow team members and learn how to use the Open Journals System Software. 
  • If you are interested in becoming a student editor, please submit a brief bio (about 500 words) and a short writing sample (max. 1 page). You may also submit any past school work that you believe shows your writing capability. Your bio should include any relevant experience that you think might benefit the journal. This submission should be sent to
  • Requirements: strong writer, can stick to deadlines, can attend mandatory editors meeting in May

Student Volunteers with Experience in Publishing, Marketing, and Graphic Design

  • We are also looking for any students who have experience in publishing, marketing, or experience with graphic design or web design. If you are interested, please email us at
  • In your email, give us a short description on what you believe you would be able to bring to the journal, whether this is experience in Graphic Design, strong knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite or Photoshop, or past experiences in marketing. Anything is relevant and we would love for you to join the team!

Any other questions? Feel free to email us any other relevant questions at