• Integrated Assessment Journal

    The Integrated Assessment Journal is not accepting submissions at this time.

    The Integrated Assessment Journal is an interdisciplinary publication aimed at addressing complex public policy challenges.

    • We invite articles on IA methodology. There are many challenges inherent in development of better processes for engaging the public in complex decisions. There are also numerous unaddressed issues in how to calibrate and validate complex integrated assessment models.

    • We invite articles on the theoretical challenges of integration across disciplines. These often involve bringing internal consistency to underlying assumptions of hitherto independent disciplinary knowledge.

    • We invite articles on applications of integrated assessment and evaluation of these in meeting participant, policy makers, and research needs.

    • We invite articles from the perspective of disciplinary experts who despair at the simplifications of their realm in integrated assessments. We would like to learn from them about vulnerabilities and errors inherent in such practices.

    The Integrated Assessment Journal is a publication of The Integrated Assessment Society (TIAS)

  • AntiChamber Journal

    AntiChamber is a student-run and peer-reviewed journal that seeks to provide a platform for students and authors to freely express alternative views and voices. We strongly believe in the importance of ensuring a space for ideas and perspectives that diverge from conventional conversations and culture. Such ideas are necessarily intrinsic to both the flourishing of creative paradigms as well as the bolstering of well-accepted truths. Therefore, we commit our efforts and this space to encourage students and authors to embrace and cultivate their unique perspectives through clear articulation and intellectual rigour.

  • Vancouver Ideas Book 2021

    This publication, Vancouver Ideas Book, is a compilation of varied and diverse ideas for the future of the City of Vancouver. 

  • Gadfly

    Gadfly is the SFU Undergraduate journal for Political Science.

  • SFU Undergraduate Research Symposium Journal

    The SFU Undergraduate Research Symposium (UGRS) provides an opportunity for eligible undergraduate students from all disciplines to present their research in a friendly and supportive environment. The Symposium showcases the high quality original undergraduate research taking place across Simon Fraser University. The Symposium is a multidisciplinary forum, meaning that student presenters are able to share their research with a diverse and interdisciplinary audience. 

  • SLC Undergraduate Writing Contest

    The SLC Writing Contest journal will be published annually as a collection of the winners and honourable mentions of the SLC undergraduate writing contest. The Writing Contest journal is intended to serve as a database of model papers for current undergraduate students and to represent writing across the disciplines.

  • Simon Fraser University Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

    The Simon Fraser Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy is a peer-reviewed journal, edited and run by students.

  • The Lyre

    The Lyre is a student-lead literary journal supported by SFU's Department of World Languages and Literatures. We publish a variety of creative work, including poetry, prose, translations, and visual art. 

  • Confluence

    The SFU International Studies Student Association is proud to have officially re-launched Confluence. We are now officially OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS. Learn about our theme "Disruption" here. Find out how to make a submission here

    Confluence Vol. 2 "The Death of Democracy" can still be viewed here. 




  • Analytics Now

    "Time-starved executives are making bolder decisions with less risk and better outcomes. Their secret: Operations Reserach." -

  • The Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare

    The JICW is a practitioner-focused research resource and a researcher-focused opportunity to impact policy and real-world security and defence decision making. The JICW is a canvas for both researchers and practitioners to explore new and emerging security problems.  JICW shines a light on new and emerging trends in conflict, security, and intelligence and brings to the fore issues that are under-researched. JICW is contributing to new understandings about emerging norms and new and unconventional actors. JICW explores hybrid and 5th-gen warfare and informs current discourse on emerging threats. The purpose of the journal is to bridge distinct views on security issues and to address the current shift in global affairs, where the tension existing between the state and non-state actors is increasingly challenging state power and legitimacy. Lastly, JICW examines the appearance of a change to the current international liberal economic order and collective security state of global affairs.

  • Intersectional Apocalypse

    Intersectional Apocalypse is a student-run, peer-edited, open access journal focused on collecting and sharing knowledge that is intersectionally feminist, LGBTQ2IA+ positive, anti-colonial, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive.

  • De Voix Vives

    Créé en 2015, De Voix Vives est le journal d'écriture créative -prose, poésie et oeuvres graphiques- des étudiant.e.s du département de français de SFU.

  • Amphora

    Digitized issues of the Alcuin Society journal Amphora.

  • Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile Pilot Project

    We are running a pilot project, testing the feasibility and process of digitizing and making searchable three volumes of the scholarly research tool, Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile. Based on firsthand examination of each book in its home archive, ASMMF publishes complete histories, bibliographical descriptions, and full contents inventories of all manuscripts that contain any Old English, dating from 700 to 1300.