Daniel Ferraz, BA (Psych), MA (Educ.), Simon Fraser University
Editorial Advisor

Daniel is an MA student in Educational Psychology program.  He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the Universidade São Marcos in São Paulo, Brazil. Currently, his thesis focuses on critical psychology in social cultural theory. He is also an executive member of the Education Graduate Student Association (EGSA) and the GSS (Graduate Student Society) councillor for Education.  He joined SFU Education Review in May 2018 as Web Administrator, soon becoming the Managing Editor and has been working with the journal team to further develop and improved the journal’s online platform for it’s readers.

Shaila Shams, MA (App. Ling.), PhD Student(Educ.), Simon Fraser University
Senior Editor

Shaila is a PhD candidate in the Languages, Cultures and Literacies programme at the Faculty of Education in Simon Fraser University. She completed her M.A. from the University of Sheffield, UK. She is interested in poststructural and sociocultural theories of language, learning and identity. Her doctoral research aims at understanding the multilingual practices, language learning and identity construction of adult immigrants and their integration process in Canada.

Prior to commencing her studies at SFU as an international student in 2017, Shaila worked as an educator at university level in Bangladesh. She had also served on the editorial board of a Journal published from her university in Bangladesh. Shaila’s teaching career expanded after she started teaching at SFU as sessional instructor. She is interested in music and is in pursuit of learning it.

Livia Poljak, MA (French Language) PhD Student (Educ.), Simon Fraser University

Livia is a first year PhD student with an interest in French phonetics, accent identification, and French Immersion group identity and group language formation. Livia is working with French immersion students on language identity in the classroom and French immersion student accents. Livia is very excited to join the Ed Review team this year!

Poh Tan, PhD (Exp. Med.) PhD Student (Educ.), Simon Fraser University
Invited Editor, 2023 Special Issue

Dr. Poh Tan is a published scholar and author, who is currently completing her second PhD in science education. She served as Editor-in-Chief of SFU Educational Review between 2017 - 2021. Her focus and interest are within science education that decenters dominant teaching practices. Her current focuses on how science educators in non-formal and formal science learning settings can bring diverse perspectives to move towards knowledge equity in science. Combining her previous doctorate from the field of medicine, genetics, and cell biology, Poh strives to combine the practice of science and art in the classroom. Her work is informed by scholars such as Manulani Meyer, Albert Marshal, Sharon Mahealani Rowe, Karen Ingersoll, David Zandvliet, and others. Driven by a passion for promoting scientific literacy, Poh works collaboratively and from a community-engaged lens with science museums, botanical gardens, and local and global science outreach organizations. She is excited to return as an Invited Editor to the journal, to bring an internationally collaborative issue to highlight stories, reflections, research, and scholarship to the science education field.

Eduardo Gluck, MSc (App. Ling.) PhD Student (Lang.), Unisinos University
Invited Editor, 2023 Special Issue

Eduardo Glück holds a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and is a PhD candidate at the University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos, UNISINOS. He was an invited researcher at the Linguistics Research Centre of NOVA University Lisbon (CLUNL). Eduardo is a Specialist in English Language Teaching Methodology at Universidade Paulista, UNIP, and graduated in Language, with qualifications in Portuguese and English Language and Literature from UNISINOS University. He is a member of two research groups, Science Communication: Linguistic and Technodiscursive Studies, led by Dr Maria Eduarda Giering at Unisinos University, and Grammar & Text, from the Linguistics Center of the NOVA University of Lisbon (NOVA CLUNL), led by Dr. Maria Antonia Coutinho. He is a member of the editorial board of the LER Project – Literature and Science (UNISINOS, FACCAT and Grupo Sinos) and the Brazilian Association of Linguistics (ABRALIN). His research interes is in the area of Applied Linguistics, focusing on technodiscursivity, pre-digital and digital discursive genres, discursive and techno-discursive ethos, semiolinguistic analysis of discourse, digital literacy, scientific dissemination and argumentation.