Eduardo Glück, MSc/PhD (Applied Linguistics), Instituição Evangélica de Novo Hamburgo

Invited Editor

Eduardo Paré Glück holds a PhD and a master's degree in Applied Linguistics from UNISINOS University. He has concluded his doctoral internship at the Linguistics Research Centre of NOVA University Lisbon (CLUNL), and is a specialist in English Language Teaching Methodology at Universidade Paulista. He graduated in Languages, with qualifications in Portuguese Language, English Language and Literature from UNISINOS University.

Eduardo is a research member of the research group Science Communication: Linguistic and Technodiscursive Studies, coordinated by Prof. Dr Maria Eduarda Giering, from Unisinos University. Additionally, he is a member of the LER Project – Literature and Science editorial board. Currently, he is a Professor at the Instituição Evangélica de Novo Hamburgo (IENH). Eduardo returns as an Invited Editor for the Special Issue: STEM/STEAM Education: Disrupting and Decentering Dominant Science Education Teaching Practices

Poh Tan, PhD (Experimental Medicine), PhD (Education)

Invited Editor

Poh obtained her PhD in the Faculty of Education, specializing in science education and Indigenous epistemology at SFU. She is an entrepreneur, a stem cell biologist, a science educator, a volunteer and a mother. Poh obtained her first PhD from the Faculty of Medicine at UBC focusing on the biology of blood stem cells. Her experience led her to a successful career in the biotechnology sector and eventually, helped her become a successful entrepreneur with two businesses. After becoming a mother, she found her true passion – science education. Poh currently works as a consultant and advisor to organizations on building science teaching resources from an Indigenous framework for classrooms and outreach.  

Poh was Editor-in-Chief for SFU Ed Review for three years and now returns as Invited Editor for the Special Issue: STEM/STEAM Education: Disrupting and Decentering Dominant Science Education Teaching Practices. She is a research fellow at Vandusen Botanical Gardens, past-president for the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology, a 2x TEDx speaker, and a Canadian delegate for the UN's Commission on the Status of Women. 

Shaghayegh Bahrami, MEd (Education) PhD Student (Educational Theory and Practice)


Shaghayegh is a Ph.D. student in the Educational Theory and Practice program at SFU Faculty of Education. She completed her Masters in Education at Harvard University in 2016 and holds a B.A. in Urban Planning from the University of Tehran. With more than a decade of experience spanning research, curriculum development, teaching, and teacher education, they have led professional learning communities and guided teachers in action research projects, as well as facilitated participatory action research projects in community contexts. Committed to decolonial and community-engaged methodologies, Shaghayegh's research centers on identity, language, teacher education, and teacher professional development. Shaghayegh’s diverse journey across Iran, the US, Canada, Poland, and Indonesia brings an international and cross-cultural perspective to their work as a researcher and practitioner. 

Karine Fernandes, PhD (Chem.), PhD Student (Education), Simon Fraser University


Karine is a PhD student in the Educational Theory and Practice program at the Faculty of Education. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education with a focus on Chemistry, a Master's degree in Education, and completed her PhD in Chemistry (Chemistry Education area of knowledge) in Brazil. Her research interests span environmental education, science education, and animal rights advocacy. With a diverse academic background, Karine brings a multidisciplinary perspective to her studies. Starting her doctoral studies at SFU in 2023, she is enthusiastic about contributing to the university's academic community. Her goal is to collaborate with fellow researchers and make meaningful contributions to the fields she is passionate about.

Chunhong Liu, PhD Candidate (Languages, Cultures, and Literacies), Simon Fraser University


Chunhong is a PhD candidate in the Languages, Cultures, and Literacies program at the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. His research focuses on the intersection of discourses, emotions, and subjectivity. Chunhong’s doctoral research is centered around international students and their experiences in academic publishing within the neo-colonial framework of academia. He is also interested in research on second language education, feedback, Critical English for Academic Purposes, and multilingualism. His research has been published in journals such as Journal of Second Language WritingAssessing WritingAssessment & Evaluation in Higher EducationEnglish for Specific PurposesLanguage Teaching Research, and System.

Aylar Nash, PhD Candidate (Educational Psychology), Simon Fraser University


Aylar brings over seven years of expertise as a user researcher, showcasing a comprehensive skill set in the planning, design, facilitation, and synthesis of user research studies. Her collaborative efforts with diverse, multidisciplinary teams have honed her understanding of user behaviour and preferences. Aylar applies this knowledge to offer insightful, actionable recommendations, empowering teams to craft products that are both effective and user centric. Her research primarily focuses on user experience, driven by the conviction that enhancing user engagement is paramount for the success of digital products and services. Committed to uncovering the dynamics of user engagement through aspects like usability, interface design, and content strategy. Aylar is keen on devising innovative strategies to improve these factors. Partnering with organizations, she aims to foster the development of creative solutions that boost the user experience and contribute to the success of their offerings. Aylar is eager to explore collaborative opportunities, aiming to align her expertise with organizational goals and interests in enhancing user engagement.

Micheal Obakhavbaye, PhD Candidate (Educational Technology and Learning Design), Simon Fraser University


Micheal Obakhavbaye is a PhD candidate in Educational Technology and Learning Design, with a research interest in STEM education, critical digital/data literacy, and AI in education.  He is a multidisciplinary teacher and researcher who holds a BSc and MSc in Physics and a PDE and MA in education with a specialization in educational technology.

He has over a decade of combined teaching and research expertise, most notably working to democratize digital skills and STEM learning for students in deprived communities by teaching and providing the resources they require to further their learning.

Anna Rumjahn, MEd (Educational Management & Leadership), PhD Student (Philosophy of Education), Simon Fraser University


Anna is a PhD student in the Educational Practice and Theory: Philosophy of Education program at Simon Fraser University. She completed her Masters of Education in educational management and leadership from the University of Sydney, Australia. Her Masters’ thesis engages in autoethnographic research to examine the role of Stoic philosophy vis à vis early-career teaching. Anna is interested in contemplative inquiry and practices in education, self-cultivation, human flourishing and the role of wisdom traditions in wellbeing and well-becoming. 

Prior to commencing her studies at SFU, Anna was an elementary teacher in Australia. She welcomed the challenges of teaching in a pandemic, shaping her identity through cultural responsiveness and contemplative practices. She continues to carry these forward in her collaborative engagements in teaching and learning spaces across British Columbia, Canada. Anna is excited to highlight research, practices and reflections from a range of disciplines to the philosophy of education field. 

Bahar Zandrazavi, PhD (Comm.), PhD Candidate (Educational Technology and Learning Design), Simon Fraser University


Bahar is pursuing her PhD in Educational Technology and Learning Design at SFU's Faculty of Education. Her academic background includes a PhD in Communication and MA in journalism in Iran, where she actively participated in local and national journals advocating for children’s rights and environmental activism. Additionally, she conducted professional research on stakeholder management concerning water scarcity in Iran.

With over ten years of experience in content creation and journalism, Bahar has facilitated numerous focus group activities and led participatory action research in grassroots organizations like the Kerman Child-Friendly Association and the Shahpari Association (Supporter of the Women of Sistan and Balochestan). Committed to qualitative research and a participatory approach, Bahar's current research focuses on immigration, digitalization, and grassroots issues. Her multicultural upbringing in Iran and Afghan communities provides her work with an international and cross-cultural perspective, enriching her role as a researcher and activist.