SFU Educational Review Journal Features Impressive Line-up of Publications

SFU Educational Review Journal Editorial Team. (L-R) Poh Tan, Editor-in-Chief, Jacky Barreiro, Associate Editor and Daniel Ferraz, Managing Editor. Poh, Jacky and Daniel are graduate students in the Faculty of Education at SFU. (Photo credit: W. Lyndon Lee)

April 26, 2019
Written by Dr. Poh Tan, Editor in Chief 

What do three Simon Fraser University (SFU) Education graduate students have in common? Poh Tan, Jacky Barreiro, and Daniel Ferraz are graduate students in the Faculty of Education with a common passion to share knowledge, the drive to support collaborative scholarship with colleagues and peers, the enthusiasm for creating a place for students and Faculty to experience a culture of co-inquiry and the determination to elevate an Educational journal to support emerging scholars to disseminate and publish their research.

SFU Educational Review (SFUEdR) Journal is a double-blind, peer-reviewed, online open access journal (www.sfuedreview.org) that focuses on a variety of topics in education and welcomes different forms of inquiry into learning and teaching. We are excited to announce the newest Special Issue publication on Performative and Relational Ontologies in Education with extensions into post-humanism, post-structuralism, and new materiality to name a few. We are pleased to announce that the issue features research from Canadian and international Faculty, and for the first time in the journal’s history, SFUEdR published an art-film inquiry piece.

As we wrap up the special issue, the call for submission for the next issue is just around the corner, on April 30, 2019! We invite graduate and undergraduate students and Faculty to consider submitting your work and research to the journal! The editorial team of SFUEdR understands that the publishing process can be challenging, frustrating and intimidating for emerging scholars. Consequently, we understand that some authors may experience writing anxiety before, during, and after the submission process and thus, we have dedicated resources to help authors with the writing process prior to submission. Writing anxiety should not be a barrier to disseminating and sharing knowledge and understanding within the field.

SFUEdR’s readers can now easily navigate our newly updated website to access the most recent issues and archived ones. We would like to extend our thank you to Eric Ly, SFUEdR’s Web specialist. Eric is an SFU alumni from Engineering who helped us update and make the website for user-friendly. It is easier to register as an author or reviewer.  In addition, we would like welcome two new editors to our growing team; Dr. Laura Baumvol and Ms. Carolina Bergonzi.

Dr. Baumvol will be joining us as an Invited Editor for the journal’s next Special Issue to be published in the Fall. Dr. Baumvol holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics (UFRGS, Brazil). She was also a visiting scholar at SFU. Her research focuses on the internationalization of higher education and language practices for knowledge production and dissemination. Laura advocates for the adoption of a critical-pragmatic approach for the inclusion of plurilingual scholars in the global academic and scientific scenario. The Fall Special Issue theme will be centered around the Internationalization of Higher Education. Stay tuned for deadlines and details for the call for submission.

Ms. Bergonzi is a dance artist and a PhD candidate in the Arts Education program at SFU. She also holds a BA and an MA in Philosophy with a speciality in phenomenology from the University of Bologna in Italy, and an MA in Comparative Media Arts from Simon Fraser University. Her research focuses on the intersection of philosophy, dance, and education. Ms. Bergonzi will focus on investigating the ways the body becomes implicated in socio-cultural, pedagogical, and aesthetic aspects of dance and how these affect our way of being in the world.

Another exciting SFUEdR initiative is our recent engagement with the Education Student Association (ESA) to bridge the gap between undergraduates and graduates in Education. We are thankful for their enthusiasm in joining forces in the planning for the journal’s first symposium to celebrate the authors of 2019 publications. The symposium will also serve as a place to thank our reviewers, sponsors, and supporters and more importantly, provide a free event where further dialogue and conversations can foster collaborations between each other. The symposium will be on October 19, 2019 at the SFU Burnaby Campus. Save the date in your calendar!


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About the journal: SFU Educational Review is an open access journal.  We practice a double-blinded  review process to ensure the highest quality of submissions. For more information about the journal and journal website for article submissions go to:  www.sfuedreview.org

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