A Dialogue on Inquiry

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Cary Lorne Campbell


I seek to demonstrate how Peirce’s ‘pragmatic maxim’ can be used to inform a model of inquiry (and thus of thought) that extends knowledge seeking beyond deterministic goals and end-results. My hope is that recognizing the essential open-endedness of the pragmatic conceptions of understanding, truth, reality and cognition, can be used to foster a discourse that places thought and reflectiveness itself (that is apart from any ulterior motivations) in a central role. In the archaic form of a fictional dialogue, I present Peirce’s “3 grades of clearness” as a ‘rough and ready’ pedagogical model that displays these values.


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Campbell, C. L. (2015). A Dialogue on Inquiry. SFU Educational Review, 8. https://doi.org/10.21810/sfuer.v8i.384
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Cary Lorne Campbell, SFU

Cary Campbell is a jazz guitarist and a full time music educator living and working in Vancouver, Canada. He is currently a doctoral candidate in the faculty of education at Simon Fraser University.