Science in Informal Learning Spaces: Tinkering Space at Science World

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Kristin Lee


Aside from unique architecture Science World has become iconic for families in Vancouver to explore hands-on exhibits and galleries that nurture their process of discovery and inspire connection with their natural, physical, and built environments. Our value of inquiry-rich, play-based, cross-disciplinary learning is embedded in every aspect of design, from fun interactive exhibits, engaging stage shows, and unique school programs. Throughout Science World you will discover that each gallery focuses on different themes and topics. Gallery spaces have their own narratives, learning goals, and outcomes. One of newest galleries at Science World is our Tinkering Space: The WorkSafeBC Gallery.

The Tinkering Space has daily tinkering programming where you can solve problems, make new things from existing parts, create something cool and imaginative, and learn through experimenting and making mistakes. You’ll also learn about the science behind safety and how important it is to choose the right tools for the job. This informal learning environment captures the playful spirit of Science World all in one place. Creating the Tinkering Space is an iterative journey, and we continue to work hard to build out the visitor experience and pedagogical practice we have today.


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