Tackling Demotivation in STEM Fields: A Student’s Perspective

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Kavya Pandrangi


The fields of STEM/STEAM are ones in which curiosity and creativity meet a very high level of rigor. When navigating such a field, staying motivated and maintaining belief in oneself and one’s intelligence can prove difficult. Self-doubt and discouragement quickly creep in for many students, as they did for me at times. In this piece, I give an account of my STEM journey, from high school chemistry to science fairs, the challenges and disheartening moments that I faced, and the growth and inspiration that came out of them that I take with me as I begin to pursue a career in STEM.


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Pandrangi, K. (2023). Tackling Demotivation in STEM Fields: A Student’s Perspective. SFU Educational Review, 15(1). https://doi.org/10.21810/sfuer.v15i1.6190
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