“Doing” Internationalization Principles to Practice

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Kumari Beck
Roumiana Ilieva


In the context of an increasing commodification of education in a neoliberal academy, this paper explores the usefulness of frameworks for principled internationalization of higher education.  We review recent theoretical analyses of ideologies and orientations of higher education internationalization as well as suggested approaches for principled and ethical internationalization as important signposts in that regard. We discuss data on the everyday experiences of internationalization of faculty, students and staff in one Faculty in Canada in light of these perspectives and propose guidelines that could influence internationalization practices in a more ethical and principled direction.


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Beck, K., & Ilieva, R. (2019). “Doing” Internationalization: Principles to Practice. SFU Educational Review, 12(3), 18–39. https://doi.org/10.21810/sfuer.v12i3.1031
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