The Implementation of Project-Based Learning in K-12 Education Teacher Qualities and Students Achievements

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Bingjie Qi


Project-based learning (PBL) is a constructivist teaching strategy that encourages students to explore real problems and acquire knowledge and skills by adhering to teachers’ guidelines. This study aims to examine the effects of project-based learning on students, and qualities required of K-12 teachers who engage in PBL. This study will use a narrative literature review to synthesize previous findings on the implementation of PBL in primary and secondary levels, and to interpret teachers’ and students’ perceptions regarding project-based learning. This review argues that PBL is beneficial for students in terms of attitudes towards learning and academic performance, as well as the development of practical skills. The review also examines the challenges that teachers may face and the features of highly successful PBL teachers. Based on the results, implications and recommendations are presented.


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Qi, B. (2021). The Implementation of Project-Based Learning in K-12 Education: Teacher Qualities and Students Achievements. SFU Educational Review, 14(1), 50–65.