A Program Aimed Towards the Struggling Science Teachers of English Language Learners: A Proposition

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Faatimah M. Murad


Increasing intakes of English Language Learners in British Columbia’s education system brought a wave of unforeseen challenges; with teachers insufficiently equipped to face this rapidly growing student demographic, and these students who similarly are undergoing challenges of their own. This research article explores some of these challenges while researching current systems set in place to minimize the struggles teachers report, and ultimately proposes a new and unique program that is built on a more supportive educational theoretical framework. A specific focus is drawn on the ELL science teachers’ struggles to modify content so as to maintain its rigor and lessen the language demands, while another is their struggle to employ a culturally responsive pedagogy in their practice. The findings showed much of the BC Ministry of Education’s approaches to be centered around reminders of roles and responsibilities upon teachers and their respective school districts, a select number of workshops that provide teachers with a multitude of strategies, and the sponsorship of outside sources that provide a deeper more prescribed set of strategies. The intention of this article is achieved through the design of a proposed program that uses a number of theoretical frameworks (i.e. Vygotskian perspective, Cummins’ (1983) language model, Tylerian Objectives-based approach) to ensure its success. Using activity theory with a Vygotskian framework, and a Tylerian objectives-based approach, a dual-purpose program is designed.


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Murad, F. M. (2018). A Program Aimed Towards the Struggling Science Teachers of English Language Learners: A Proposition. SFU Educational Review, 10(2). https://doi.org/10.21810/sfuer.v10i2.316
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Faatimah M. Murad, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed., Simon Fraser University

A certified professional teacher with expertise in the field of Education, curriculum development, and curriculum planning.