A Journey of Writing the Self

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Rosa Hong Chen


In this paper I present a narrative trajectory into self-formation and academic inquiry. Through a series of poems, as both mode of process and inquiry itself, the paper renders a complex of yearning, hopes, predicaments, confusions, fears of failure, and struggles of my innermost being upon the journey of research inquiry. Employing poetic narrative as a method of inquiry, I demonstrate that the process to bring relevant query to bear on poetic narrative suggests a practice of understanding and transforming experience and knowledge, through calling out and responding to the self and the other.


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Chen, R. H. (2008). A Journey of Writing the Self. SFU Educational Review, 2. https://doi.org/10.21810/sfuer.v2i.339
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Rosa Hong Chen, Faculty of Education

A second year PhD student in CT&I Philosophy of Educaion Faculty of Education