Seeking self in place Performative inquiry into identity, place, pedagogy in art education

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Yi Meng


Performative inquiry is a way of being in inquiry which attends to the individual moments emerging from performative encounters, calling upon our attention to what matters through reflection (Fels, 2010; 2012; 2014). In this paper, I engage in performative inquiry to explore my identities through experiencing different places of Canada and practicing visual art. Three key moments occur during the performative explorations, which embodies new possible ways of understanding my struggles with my pedagogical identity as a Chinese studying and teaching art at Canadian postsecondary institutions and opening up a new space to envision art education future.


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Meng, Y. (2018). Seeking self in place: Performative inquiry into identity, place, pedagogy in art education. SFU Educational Review, 11(1).