Deep Engagement in Online Learning: Is it Possible?

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Carolyn Mamchur
Marco Espinoza


This investigation is concerned with student ‘engagement’ in online learning. For the purpose of this study, the concept of ‘engagement’ is defined as ‘meaningful participation’. While ‘participation’ can be demonstrated through quantifiable means, it is far more arduous to demonstrate ‘meaningfulness’. To overcome this challenge, the study focused on specific forms of locutions, using the methodology of ‘language-game’ analysis. This form of analysis is epistemologically grounded on two theoretical traditions: Philosophy of Language and hermeneutic phenomenology. The primary research objective of this investigation was to examine all aspects of the language- games, see what is most prominent, what is least prominent, determine where this occurs, and suggest where the course might be improved. The study found that the highest level of activity were interactions that drew on readings and personal


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Mamchur, C., & Espinoza, M. (2016). Deep Engagement in Online Learning: Is it Possible?. SFU Educational Review, 9.

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