Science Education: Defining the Scientifically Literate Person

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Poh Tan


Science literacy and scientific literacy are terms that have been used synonymously in the field of science education. Although many published papers and resources used them interchangeably, there are scholars who place the notion of science literacy and scientific literacy on opposite ends of the literacy spectrum. In this context, science literacy refers to one who understands the concepts, content and methods in science and in contrast, scientific literacy refers to one who, in addition to content knowledge, applies the process of science and frequently reflects on his/her actions from a scientific perspective and, more importantly, holistically evaluates and questions scientific facts from different perspectives.


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Tan, P. (2016). Science Education: Defining the Scientifically Literate Person. SFU Educational Review, 9.
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Poh Tan, Simon Fraser University

PhD Student Faculty of Education Curriculum, Theory and Implementation