Walking Alongside my Relations A Transdisciplinary Exploration of Interconnectedness

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Sandeep Kaur Glover


In this article, the author explores the multidimensional nature of relationality in its various complexities, vulnerabilities and possibilities through the lens of experience. By delving into the recollections of the unexpected events of an evening in July, the author ruminates on conditions that promote and hinder interconnectedness in society while also considering the significance of relational ways of knowing and being in present times. The author’s experience is theorized across the disciplines of contemplative inquiry, arts-based research and Indigenous epistemologies. In envisioning pathways forward to foster interconnectedness, a complementary art film is included wherein alternative responses to a ubiquitous question in society, “How are you?”, are offered. Given that interrelationality traverses a range of experience and emotionality, from wonder and joy to sorrow and grief, the article and art film contain sensitive and mature content.

Art Film Abstract:

This art film is a five-minute breathing snapshot representing the author’s experience on July 10th. Through the modalities of embodied, poetic and performative inquiry, the author offers alternative responses to a ubiquitous question in society, “How are you?”, in the hopes of fostering interconnectedness.


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Glover, S. K. (2019). Walking Alongside my Relations: A Transdisciplinary Exploration of Interconnectedness. SFU Educational Review, 12(1), 83–95. https://doi.org/10.21810/sfuer.v12i1.614
Art Film and Complementary Article

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