Curating a Future Earth

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Lee Beavington


In fall 2019, I enrolled in SFU's President’s Dream Colloquium course, Creative Ecologies: Reimagining the World. One of the scholars we read was anthropology professor Dr. Shannon Mattern. My creative response to Mattern’s paper—"The Big Data of Ice, Rocks, Soils, and Sediments”—offered an alternative way to engage with her scholarship. In searching for poetic and concise turns of phrase, I noted how her word choice and image-making related to her essay’s construction. I sought out bits of data from her paper, re-arranged them into a cohesive unit, and from this garnered a deeper meaning of her intent and expertise. I also noted what was absent or lacking, and this deficit of words, specifically toward ‘should we be exploiting the planet for research?’ inspired me to emphasize this in my found poem.


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Beavington, L. (2020). Curating a Future Earth. SFU Educational Review, 13(1), 87–89.
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Lee Beavington, Simon Fraser University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Lee Beavington is a SSHRC scholar and PhD Candidate in Philosophy of Education at SFU. He is also an author, photographer, and instructor for KPU’s Amazon Field School, and teaches Ecology, Genetics, and Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology in the lab and field. His interdisciplinary research explores wonder in science education, poetic inquiry, and contemplative sciences. Find Lee reflecting in the forest, mesmerized by ferns, and always following the river. More about Lee at