Curriculum hidden: Contemplating more-than-human ethics

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Lee Beavington


Homo sapiens rationalize their species’ uniqueness to justify anthropocentrism and self-interest towards nonhumans. Research and pedagogical practice such as mandatory dissection and animal experimentation, alongside mechanistic and atomistic assumptions deeply embedded in science curricula, reinforce the idea that nonhuman animals lack moral status. We need to devise and implement holistic, place-based curricula in our schools, where ethics are part of the conversation before students use nonhuman animals in their learning and research. Synergy and deep ecology can move us from exclusively biotic morality toward a more inclusive abiotic morality.


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Beavington, L. (2016). Curriculum hidden: Contemplating more-than-human ethics. SFU Educational Review, 9.
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Lee Beavington

PhD student in Philosophy of Education.